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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Christmas Food Boxes

Date: Monday, October 30, 2017 - Monday, December 04, 2017
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It is that time of year again when the Out Reach Committee asks for your help and support.  We will be filling Christmas Food Boxes for Harlem area families who have been adopted by Attic Treasures.  Please purchase all food items from the list below.  Boxes will be provided.  All boxes must be filled no later than December 4th.  Thank you for your support for these families during this time of year.


Christmas Box Food List 


5 lb. Bag of flour                                                                        5 lb. Bag of Sugar

       2 Boxes Stove Top Dressing                                                      2 cans of green beans

          2 cans of whole kernel corn                                                        2 cans of sliced peaches

                                              2 cans of fruit cocktail                                                               2 cans of Yams

      1 can of chicken broth                                                               1 can of brown gravy

               1 can of cranberry sauce                                                           2 boxes of corn bread mix

                     Tea/box of 100 bags                                                               2 boxes Macaroni & Cheese

        1 bag of cookies                                                                          1 box instant potatoes



If you can not find a specific requested size please feel free to substitute as necessary.
Some Turkey’s and Ham’s have been donated, so please check with the church office.
If you are not able to go shopping for these items, please feel free to make a donation and someone

will do the shopping for you.

These boxes can be brought to the church NO LATER than December 4th.



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