Harlem United Methodist Church
Saturday, February 24, 2018

PRAYkids (Childrens Prayer Group)


Children’s Prayer Group: PRAYkids!
PrayKids is for children who want to learn more about the power of prayer. It’s goal is to encourage and equip children so they may develop a deepening relationship with Christ through prayer and praise so they might become more effective prayer warrior. 
The group will meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:45pm to 7:45pm. (directly after Wednesday Night Supper) and is open to children 3rd through 6th grades* that would truly like to experience the power of prayer. 
Firstly we want to increase our “Flock” to include as many kids as possible. We had 33 kids at the prayer retreat, and I would love to have that many every Wednesday from 6:45pm to 7:45pm for our regular program.
If you attending the Prayer Retreat and enjoyed it, you are welcome to come on Wednesdays.
Secondly we are going to increase our in group activities to include more, Praise Music, Small Service Projects, and Games/Activities. I want to use the power of the web to widen our vision, and communication.
Thirdly, we want to start a PRAYER WARRIOR group within PRAYkids that will allow the kids that want to take their prayer and understanding deeper, they will have a medium to do so.  
This is just to give you a taste of what’s going to happen in PPRAkids 

Praise Songs

Small Group Projects
     Prayer Cloths
     Cards for shut-ins
     We prayed for you today cards
Prayer Walks
Prayer Time
PrayDays (OPEN TO ALL CHILDREN 2nd – 6th Grade.) Quarterly
Saturday’s 9am to 4pm
Praise Songs
Lunch and a Movie
Prayer Time
Prayer Warriors
This will be for the children within PRAYkids that want to focus on their prayer more.
An additional meeting during the week
Prayer Visits
Special Requests
Prayer during Service
Pastor’s pit crew
Additional GroupProjects
     Prayer Cards
     Prayer Requests
     Prayer Stuff Animals for kids
     Like a prayer cloth, but using a small stuffed toy.